Villareal Repeats as EAE Champions


Story and photos by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

Villareal Elementary won the Los Fresnos CISD Elementary Academic Event Saturday at Los Fresnos High School.
Villareal scored 248 points. Rancho Verde finished second with 187 points. Dora Romero was third with 141 points, just one point behind Los Fresnos Elementary, which had 140 points.

There are also 162 coaches who are classroom teachers that have prepared students for this event since early in the school year.

In addition, there are about 100 judges and volunteers who will assist in making the event a success. The total does not include hundreds of parents who are also expected to attend.

The students took part in 18 events, including Science, Mathematics, Number Sense, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, and Oral Reading in English and Spanish.

The top six places in each category receiving awards were:

2nd Grade Storytelling – English
1. Alexa Solis, Dora Romero
2. Daniela Lopez, Dora Romero
3. Karla Almaguer, Villareal
4. Clarissa Morales, Villareal
5. Kylie Rincon, Palmer-Laakso
6. Nicholas Oropeza, Rancho Verde

2nd Grade Storytelling – Spanish
1. Yasmin Sauceda, Dora Romero
2. Aaron Rodriguez Chapa, Villareal
3. Armando Rojas, Los Fresnos
4. Gael Alvarez, Dora Romero
5. Alexia Garcia, Las Yescas
6. Ivana Ortiz, Villareal

3rd Grade Storytelling – English
1. Sofia Meyer, Villareal
2. Ember Perez, Rancho Verde
3. Sebastian Gomez, Villarreal
4. Katherine Meyer, Villareal
5. Natalia Mata, Olmito
6. Kaylee Soto, Rancho Verde

3rd Grade Storytelling – Spanish
1. Mia Barron, Palmer-Laakso
2. Viridiana Lopez, Villareal
3. Giselle Moreno, Olmito
4. Natalia Ordoñez, Olmito
5. Dorely R. Boone, Los Fresnos
6. Gael de Leon, Villareal

3rd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Jolainey L. Black, Los Fresnos
2. Jenesis M. Garcia, Los Fresnos
3. Ethan A. Ozuna, Los Fresnos
4. Jaylynn Brown, Dora Romero
5. Hyacintha Garza, Rancho Verde
6. Justin Muñoz, Laureles

3rd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. And Fernanda Duran, Villareal
2. Dalila Barcenas, Villareal
3. Valeria A. Florez Ruiz, Los Fresnos
4. Valeria Fuenes, Laureles
5. Dereck Hernandez, Rancho Verde
6. Kayla Espinoza, Dora Romero

4th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Lili Villa, Palmer-Laakso
2. Judith Mire, Dora Romero
3. Bella Rivera, Los Fresnos
4. Ximena Vidaurri, Rancho Verde
5. Carlos Zertuche, Rancho Verde
6. Brittany Rivera, Dora Romero

4th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Valeria Ochoa, Los Fresnos
2. Meredith Yarritu, Villareal
3. Indira Cardoza, Rancho Verde
4. Benjamin Ochoa, Los Fresnos
5. Ashley Lopez, Villareal
6. Milagros Uribe, Laureles

5th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Josaleen Cisneros, Villareal
2. Jessielle Torres, Lopez-Riggins
3. Ximena Peña, Palmer-Laakso
4. Alejandro Juarez, Los Fresnos
5. Nia Gonzalez, Los Fresnos
6. Brisa Alaniz, Los Fresnos

5th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Ignacio Barragan, Las Yescas
2. Victoria Moreno, Villareal
3. Allyson Sanchez, Villareal
4. Sophia Pedroza, Villareal
5. Reynaldo Montes, Los Fresnos
6. Ximena Guajardo, Los Fresnos

2nd Grade Creative Writing
1. Alice Gurrola, Dora Romero
2. Sunny Zhang, Olmito
3. Natalia Yañez, Rancho Verde
4. Ashton Crews, Lopez-Riggins
5. Mia Mendez, Dora Romero
6. Mayla B. Saldivar, Los Fresnos

3rd Grade Ready Writing
1. Victoria Rivera, Olmito
2. Lily Salazar, Dora Romero
3. Angelina Mares, Laureles
4. Julissa Menez, Olmito
5. Addison Barrera, Villareal
6. Sophie Godoy, Laureles

4th Grade Ready Writing
1. Clarissa Espinoza, Rancho Verde
2. Kiran Torres, Las Yescas
3. Benjamin Treviño, Villareal
4. Maria Esquivel, Villareal
5. Cristian Loera, Rancho Verde
6. Isaiah Castro, Dora Romero

5th Grade Science
1. Austin Vela, Olmito
2. Nicholas Velez, Rancho Verde
3. Matthew Ryan John, Villareal
T4. Sebastian Chavez, Rancho Verde
T4. Ricardo Castillo, Dora Romero
6. Jorge Castillo, Palmer-Laakso

2nd Grade Mathematics
T1. Christian Beltran, Las Yescas
T1. Nicolas Sandoval, Palmer-Laakso
3. Juan Pablo Santos, Lopez-Riggins
4. Samuel Gin, Rancho Verde
T5. Aidden Gutierrez, Villareal
T5. Cage Cholik, Villareal

3rd Grade Number Sense
1. Benjamin Lu, Villareal
2. Erika Martinez, Rancho Verde
3. Julian Lerma, Villareal
4. Demarkus Arellano, Dora Romero
5. Gavin Pace, Las Yescas
6. Juan P. Rivera, Los Fresnos

4th Grade Number Sense
1. John Escamilla, Rancho Verde
2. Viviana Oyervides, Rancho Verde
3. Josian Rebolledo, Dora Romero
4. Abraham Martin, Los Fresnos
5. Mia Perez, Rancho Verde
T6. Naydelin Zamarripa, Villareal
T6. Carl Shulz, Palmer-Laakso

5th Grade Number Sense
1. Jonathan Aranda, Rancho Verde
2. Robert Nieto, Rancho Verde
3. Izaiah Gallegos, Las Yescas
4. Alejandro Juarez, Las Yescas
5. Yazmeen Martinez, Palmer-Laakso
6. Makalia Hernandez, Olmito

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