Twenty-eight Students Make Middle School All-Valley Band

by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

Twenty-eight students from the three middle schools in the Los Fresnos ISD earned a place in the 2018 All-Valley Band.

These are the students that earned a place, as one of the best musicians in this region, which encompasses middle schools from Donna to Brownsville.

There were thousands of students who tried out.  Some instrumental sections had as many as 80 students competing for only 20 spots.

The All-Valley bands will perform at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Donna High School Auditorium.

These are the students that earned their place as the best musicians in this region:


Los Cuates Middle School
(Sitting left to right):

  • Antonio Galvan: Tuba Alternate
  • Emma Cawlfield:  Flute Alternate
  • Aron Ledesma: 4th Chair Percussion Wind Symphony
  • Bryan Villarreal: 8th Chair Trombone Symphonic Winds
  • Anthony Silva: 6th Chair Trombone Symphonic Winds
  • Victor Ruiz: 3rd Chair Trombone Wind Symphony
  • Karen Jimenez: 8th Chair French Horn Symphonic Winds
  • Blanca Ochoa: 6th Chair French Horn Symphonic Winds

Middle Row (left to right)

  • Zenaida Canas: 10th Chair Trumpet Symphonic Winds
  • Gabriel Rojas: 9th Chair Trumpet Wind Symphony
  • Adriel Araguz: 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone Symphonic Winds
  • Andy Garcia: 16th Chair Clarinet Wind Symphony
  • Kaylah Vasquez: 2nd Chair Bassoon Symphonic Winds
  • Jodi Montes: 2nd Chair Oboe Symphonic Winds
  • Jennica Leal: 6th Chair Flute Symphonic Winds
  • Toby Cisneros: 1st Chair Euphonium Honors Band

(Top row) Left to Right

  • Robert Garcia: 7th Chair Trombone Honors Band
  • Niobe Tobar: 4th Chair French Horn Honors Band
  • Nicholas Gutteridge: 1st Chair Tenor
  • Aracely Garcia: 1st Chair Bassoon Honors Band
  • Karina De La Garza: 2nd Chair Oboe Honors Band
  • Dante Barajas: 11th Chair Clarinet Honors Band
  • Viviana Zuniga: 10th Chair Flute Honor Band
  • Ileana Castillo:  2nd Chair Flute Honor Band, Saxophone Honors Band


Liberty Memorial Middle School (left to right)

  • Andrea Garza: Bass Clarinet 3rd chair, Symphonic Winds
  • Yadira Carlos: Oboe 1st chair, Symphonic Winds
  • Jorge Garza: Clarinet 13th chair, Wind Symphony


Resaca Middle School (left to right)

  • Ethan Maciel: Percussion 9th chair, Honors Band
  • Javier Mata: Tuba, 15th chair, Symphonic Winds
  • Niobe Leija: Euphonium 8th chair, Wind Symphony

Not pictured is Megan Velasquez, 15th chair Alto Saxophone, Symphonic Band

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