Congressman Vela Visits Fifth-Grade Classes


by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela was on hand for the flag-raising ceremony at Rancho Verde Elementary’s designation as a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education Jan. 26, and decided to play teacher after the ceremony.

Vela went to visit two fifth-grade classrooms at RVE to talk about U.S. history, the role of the federal government, and his position in Washington D.C. Many knew the answers to his questions.

Vela quizzed students in the classrooms of Javier Lopez and Shelby Crouch with questions such as:

What are the three branches of the government?” Answer: judicial, legislative and executive.

How is the Legislature divided: Answer: U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

How many members of Congress are there? Answer: 100 in Senate, 435 in House.

How is it determined how many Representatives each state has: Answer: By state population.

How many Representatives does Texas have? Answer: 36. Rep. Vela represents District 34.

What state has the fewest members in the House of Representatives: Several have only one.

Vela also met with student groups at RVE. He was the keynote speaker at the Flag-Raising ceremony.

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