LFHS, LFU Win UIL Academics District Championships


by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

The Los Fresnos High School UIL Academics Team reclaimed the District 32-6A Championship March 24 at Hanna High School at the UIL 32-6A Academics District Meet.

The Los Fresnos United UIL Freshman Academics Team also repeated as 32-6A District Champions for the Freshmen Category.

Twenty-one varsity students who placed in the top three of their respective divisions will advance to the Region IV UIL Academics Spring Meet to be held April 13-14 at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Members of first place teams also advance.

Student results include:

  • Norma Perales, Calculator Applications, 2nd
  • Zoe Arriaga, Computer Applications, 3rd
  • Antonio Weaver, Computer Applications, 8th
  • Eduardo Enriquez, Computer Science, 3rd
  • Fernando Leon, Computer Science, 5th
  • Sebastian Montalvo, Computer Science, 6th
  • Fernando Gonzalez, Computer Science, 9th
  • Jose Carlos, Current Issues & Events, 1st;  Social Studies, 1st; Number Sense, 3rd
  • Karen Lamas, Editorial Writing, 2nd
  • Caroline De La Garza, Headline Writing, 3rd; News Writing, 2nd
  • Khrista Trovela, Headline Writing, 5th
  • Elijah Canning, Informative Speaking, 3rd
  • Siegfried Gawenda, Literary Criticism, 2nd
  • Annalisa Solis, Literary Criticism, 3rd
  • Isela Escobedo, Literarcy Criticism, 4th
  • Ismar Pineda, Literacy Cricicism, 5th
  • Noe Leon, Mathematics, 3rd
  • Joriam Martinez, Mathematics, 4th; Science – Top Physics; Science, 9th
  • Juan Pablo Sandoval, Mathematics, 7th
  • Connor Sponsor, Number Sense, 4th
  • Alexandra Montes, Number Sense, 6th
  • Victoria Chaparro, Persuasive Speaking, 3rd
  • Tony Espinoza, Persuasive Speaking, 4th
  • Amanda Garcia, Poetry Interpretation, 3rd
  • Denise Sanchez, Poetry Interpretation, 5th
  • George Zepeda, Prose Interpretation, 1st
  • Clarisse Tudon, Ready Writing, 4th
  • Debbie Ruiz, Ready Writing, 7th
  • James Trujillo, Ready Writing, 10th
  • Jonathan Sandlin, Science, 2nd
  • Henry Reynolds, Social Studies, 7th
  • Alexis Salazar, Spelling, 1st
  • Aly Guerra, Spelling, 4th
  • Athena Moore, Spelling, 5th
  • Dennise Gracia, Spelling, 6th

Varsity Team Awards

  • Computer Science, 2nd Team
  • Literary Criticism, 1st Team
  • Mathematics, 2nd Team
  • Number Sense, 2nd Team
  • Science, 2nd Team
  • Social Studies, 2nd Team
  • Spelling and Vocabulary, 1st Team

Freshman student results include include:

  • Mallory Buendia, Calculators, 1st; Mathematics, 6th; Number Sense, 6th; Science, 5th.
  • Gualberto Castro, Calculators, 5th; Mathematics, 5th; Number Sense, 4th.
  • Cody Cravy, Computer Applications, 1st; Spelling, 2nd; Social Studies, 6th
  • Rebekah Joseph, Computer Applications, 2nd; Spelling, 4th.
  • Christian Gomez, Computer Applications, 3rd
  • Kiara Garcia, Literary Criticism, 1st
  • Patricia Dominguez, Literary Criticism, 2nd
  • Isabella Gonzalez, Literary Criticism, 3rd
  • William Flores, Mathematics, 4th
  • Naomi Evans, Number Sense, 3rd; Science, 6th
  • Madeline Camaro, Persuasive Speaking, 1st; Poetry, 2nd
  • Madison Alaniz, Persuasive Speaking, 2nd; Poetry, 4th
  • Adathamy Villareal, Poetry, 1st
  • Kaitlyn Capistran, Prose, 2nd
  • Devean Garcia, Prose, 4th
  • Michael Galvan, Social Studies, 2nd; Spelling, 3rd
  • Luz Torres, Spelling, 1st; Social Studies, 5th

Freshmen Team Awards

  • Calculators, 2nd
  • Computer Applications, 1st
  • Current Issues and Events, 2nd
  • Mathematics, 2nd
  • Number Sense, 2nd
  • Science, 2nd
  • Social Studies,1st
  • Spelling, 1st

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