Police Issue Reports for Busiest Month of Year

by Tony Vindell/LFN

LosFresBadgeThe numbers, figures or statistics are in for the busiest time of year for Los Fresnos police.

That is for March, or the month when thousands of U.S. college students travel on Texas Highway 100 during the annual spring break recess in South Padre Island.

According to police records filed with city hall, more than 1,000 traffic tickets were issued from March 1-31.

The citations brought in $139,235.30 in revenues to the city.

By contrast, police gave 671 tickets in April, generating $102,819 to the city.

During a recent council meeting, City Manager Mark Milium said police issue about 16 tickets a day on average but added more citations are handed over during spring break.

In other police statistics, Ocean Boulevard is the road with the highest number of traffic-related accidents.

Of the 20 accidents reported in March, nine of them happened on the boulevard and three along Highway 100.

For the month of April, Ocean Boulevard also had the most accidents reported. Nine accidents from a total of 18 reported happened on that road.

And in March, police also logged 42 calls for animal control issues, 12 cases of possession of marijuana, 12 for public intoxication, 16 for drivers not having insurance and 16 execution of arrest warrants, the records show.

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