Algebra Camp Students Show What They Learned


by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

While most students are relaxing during their summer break, a group of almost 100 incoming eighth graders were sharpening their math skills.

Ninety-seven students took part in a four-day Algebra Camp at Los Fresnos High School to be better prepared for Algebra I classes in the eighth grade.

“The Camp helps our students to be better prepared for Algebra which is the gateway to high school courses and beyond,” said Sara Tudon, Coordinator of Curriculum. “The Camp has exposed them, not only to the skills, but to the practices, the strategies, vocabulary and concepts they can remember. There were a lot of things they learned at the camp that will help them be successful in their Algebra I course.”

Five LFHS teachers kept the student focused on algebra, and showed off their talents in front of their families at the closing ceremony Thursday, including a demonstration about the Pythagorean Theorem, breakout boxes with Algebra concepts and scavenger hunting for algebraic readiness. One group of students programmed a Texas Instruments Innovator Hub and Rover to draw a picture of a bear.

In the 2017-18 school year, Los Fresnos CISD eighth-grade students posted a 100 percent passing rate for Algebra I EOC, and averaged 90 percent at the master’s level at the three middle schools. Ninety-seven percent of the eighth-grade Algebra I students who attempted the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment passed.

“We have amazing teachers who take pride in teaching Algebra I,” Tudon said. “Their focus is not just for our students to pass the course or pass the state assessment, but to get our students college-ready.”

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