Freshmen and Parents Attend Fish Camp Orientation

by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

It’s always an eye-opening experience for students when they reach high school, but it is an even bigger experience for parents.

About 800 new freshmen and many parents took part in Fish Camp, the annual orientation at Los Fresnos United where students and parents are greeted with the realities of high school.

On Tuesday, parents and students whose last names begin with A through L attended. On Thursday, students whose last names begin with M through Z took part.

They picked up their class schedules and met with administrators, counselors and other professionals. Parents who were not familiar with the Parent Access Center received information about how to create an account and log in. Mental health counselors were also there to tell parents about their free services.

Students met separately with counselors about course schedules, credits and requests for changing class schedules.

Students and parents also received information about the Code of Conduct and the dress code for high school students.

Los Fresnos United, which houses freshmen and sophomores, is an extension of Los Fresnos High School, which houses juniors and seniors.

Classes began Monday, Aug. 13.

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