Rio Grande LNG Offers Hope for Many

Dear Editor,

As the owner of South Texas Covert Security Investigations Company in Brownsville, I can’t begin to express how much of a blessing it will be to have the LNG industry in our south Texas community. In particular Rio Grande LNG who will be the largest project and will be infusing much needed economic resources and providing so many other small businesses with means to support their families and provide a better quality of life. The opportunities that the company will bring to our city are astounding and extremely beneficial to our economy.

I have lived and raised my family here in Brownsville and have witnessed first-hand how economically suppressed our area is. Over the years, many of my friends and family members have had to leave our area due to the lack of good paying jobs and now Rio Grande LNG will also offer hope and opportunity for the entire Rio Grande Valley.

Many residents in our area still don’t understand just how massive and important this project will be. Construction of the Rio Grande LNG project is estimated to inject nearly $6 billion dollars into the local economy; is expected to create almost 6,000 direct jobs throughout construction and an estimated 300 permanent jobs in Cameron County once the project is complete. Rio Grande LNG plans to partner with local companies as well as fill those positions with locals to complete the construction of the project as well as the operations of the facility. Not to mention, that Rio Grande LNG is already actively working with educational organizations such as school districts, colleges, trade schools and universities to create programs that will help provide members of our community with the skills and qualifications needed to participate in the construction and operations of their facilities.

Like many other companies, I will be vying for the opportunity to provide my services, and If retained, South Texas Covert Security Investigations would also implement plans to hire Veterans from within our community that have had challenges seeking gainful and long-term employment.

I say it’s about time that our community embrace and welcome this industry and I want to thank Rio Grande LNG for giving Brownsville not just hope but the opportunity to grow and flourish.

Raul Rocha

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  1. Obviously it will take a lot of South Texas Covert Security Investigations Company personnel etc to protect these LNG & other such dangerous operations from evildoers & from those threatened by these LNG & etc operations. Can we also hire security personnel, preferably with military arms training and live action experience, to protect us and our communities from these LNG & etc operations????

    Back in 2015, Port Isabel, Laguna Vista, South Padre Island, and Long Island Village passed resolution opposing LNG.

    Also back in 2015, the Port Isabel Independent School district turned down Annova LNG’s request for a tax cut deal because the school board decided LNG would be bad for their students and for their community. They did the same to Rio Grande LNG in 2016. Texas LNG didn’t even bother to ask.

    This March 2018, Port Isabel, Laguna Vista, and three local groups filed requests for Contested Hearings opposing Rio Grande LNG’s Texas Commission for Environmental Quality air quality permit requests.

    Check out SAVE RGV from LNG’s website at and Facebook page at

    — John Young, MS, MSW, San Benito, TX

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