Harley’s County Store Gets Facelift

Sari Leigh talks about the remodeling at Harley’s. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Tucked on a northeast section in the Town of Bayview is a place for people to chill out, to talk about some of the things happening today, to enjoy food and to listen to jukebox and live music.

Called Harley’s Country Store and Beer Garden, the locals and out of towners hangout has been open for the last nine years and has been described by some as a hidden Rio Grande Valley place.

Half honky-tonk, half sort of country museum, the place even has its house band – the Wild Cat Thicket.

The place, which has an outdoor section and a music hall in another, has been getting a facelift on both areas.

Sari Leigh, who for the last eight or so years has been on and off behind the counter where patrons sit to enjoy a cold one or two, said Harley’s is more than just a bar.

“It’s a place for people come and go and they please,” she said. “Some come to enjoy the music, others to enjoy the food, or to get away from the city.”

Leigh said their season starts picking up this month (November) and lasts through the winter months.

It has also became a popular stop for visitors from the Midwest parts of the United States who like to seek a warmer climate this time of year.

In other words, for the so-called Winter Texans.

Saturdays and Sundays are Harley’s busiest day.

That is because food seems to entice those who love to eat and who like to share their culinary skills.

One day is BBQ. Another is potluck where anybody is welcome to bring a dish for everyone to enjoy while it lasts.

Other favorites are chili cheese, hot dogs, tater tots and even salads for those who prefer to stay away from meats.

Some patrons said they enjoy hanging out at Harley’s because it gives relaxation, make them feel as if they are not in a strange place as quite a few of them have known each other since it first opened.

In addition to the house band, there are days for jamming and to show musical talents.

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