The Importance of Having Donkeys on a Homestead

Photo: Grace Heritage Ranch

Shortly after we began Grace Heritage Ranch, we realized that we had some problems with mice and rats. We decided to get some cats to control the rodent population, which worked great until some of the cats started disappearing. We realized that we not only had a problem with rodents, but also with coyotes. Something… Continue reading The Importance of Having Donkeys on a Homestead

About Chickens

Having a garden and orchard are very important for homesteading. However, there are many animals that are also key. One of the most common and useful animals on a homestead are chickens. Chickens offer several benefits to a homesteader. Eggs are an obvious value. Female chickens, called hens, will lay eggs with or without a… Continue reading About Chickens

Compost for your Garden

In our last article we talked about the importance of adding compost to the soil in your garden. Now we’ll discuss what is needed to make compost. There are four ingredients: water, air, and two different kinds of compostable materials called greens and browns. Let’s look at each one of these in detail. Greens are… Continue reading Compost for your Garden