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Miss Bitsy By Nandy Ekle Chapter 4 “Miss Bitsy, are you okay?”She turned back and smiled. “Oh, yes, I’m fine. I just thought I heard something. Must be squirrels up there. Yes, I think it was about a month ago. I’m afraid we had a little disagreement. You see, some of my things disappeared. Oh,… Continue reading The Next Chapter

Miss Bitsy Ch. 2

He shoved the folder into his briefcase and headed for his car to visit with his very dear old friend and maybe score some of her famous cookies, scones, cakes, or whatever heavenly concoction had recently come out of her enchanted oven. The thought of her amazing caramel brownies suddenly sprang to mind and he… Continue reading Miss Bitsy Ch. 2

The Love Affair: Ch.6

The Love Affair Pt. VI By Nandy Ekle Being with Jose, she was able to forget Bryan’s neglect, the splatters of beer on the floor around him, and the cookie and chip crumbs thick as piles of sand. She could forget the glob of mustard that had landed on her new dress. She could forget… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch.6

The Love Affair: Ch.5

“Oh, Jose. That’s just a nice way of saying I’m boring.”“Far from it. You have that quiet wisdom that comes from leading the kind of life you live—introverted but observant of the world around you. That’s exactly what I crave in a . . . friend. Is that what we are, Christine? Friends?”“As long as… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch.5

The Love Affair: Ch.4

A quiet little tapping sounded on the door and Christine lifted her head, her eyes shining as bright as stars with anticipation.“Hello, Jose,” she said as she opened the door and grinned like a silly schoolgirl. He had put on some weight during the year, but she didn’t mind. He was beautiful. She could hardly… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch.4

The Love Affair: Ch.3

The Love Affair Chapter 3 Jose was her perfect match. His cream-colored skin never changed and his dark eyes always reflected her deep inner self. What she saw in those deep gorgeous mirrors was beautiful. She giggled as she thought about his weight. Sometimes he was pretty hefty, and sometimes he was slim. But he… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch.3

The Love Affair: Ch.2

The Love Affair Chapter 2 As she arranged the sandwich plate and the chip bowl she thought of her little indulgence. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday she had a date with another lover. She never considered it wrong because for one thing, she and Bryan both got what they wanted. It had to be… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch.2

The Love Affair: Ch. 1

The Love Affair By Nandy Ekle Christine fluffed up the couch pillow with a sigh. Another year, another Super Bowl. She often wondered what she would do as a widow. Right now she knew exactly what she would do, and it would not involve any sort of sports. She smiled.She loved Bryan to the ends… Continue reading The Love Affair: Ch. 1