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The Set Snack Bar Has Items for All Occasions

Nidia Zertuche works on a Houston Rocket jersey piñata at the The Set Snack Bar. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

For Nidia Zertuche, work and college has been a good part of her life for the last four years.

The Los Fresnos resident is getting a degree in education this May and has a job lined up in the Alamo City.

She has also been running The Set, a snack bar and gift shop on North Arroyo Boulevard.

Some of the food items the store has are the sandwichon and manzanas locas.

A sandwichon is generally a sandwich roll stuffed with chicken salad, ham, cheese and other ingredients and it’s a food generally served during special occasions but at The Set a single serving is made within minutes after an order is made.

A manzana loca is an apple covered with tamarindo, chamoy, coconut flakes and gummy bears.

But besides the food items, Zertuche and other family members and relatives make an array of gifts for just about any holiday and special events such as graduation, Mother’s Day and Halloween, among others.

She said making piñatas is one of the shops main line of business.

Although there is an ample supply of piñatas in stock at The Set, Zertuche said they make just about anything a client wants.

For this past Easter, for example, bunny-shaped piñatas could be seen inside the store.

“We named it The Set because we wanted to have a movie theme type of shop,” Zertuche said, while working on a Houston Rocket jersey shaped piñata for a special order. “However, we had to modify our original plan to attract more customers.”

The Set in at 218 N. Arroyo Blvd. at Calvary Stone Plaza.

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