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Brownsville Holds First Annual Taco Fest

Frank Ponce, left, and Emily Lopez try one of the main entries at the Taco Fest. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Ten area teams competed against each other for the best food at Brownsville’s First Annual Taco Fest.

Taqueria El Cien of Los Fresnos was among them.

Even though the eatery has been in business for about 20 years on Texas Highway 100, it has never competed against other restaurants.

“This is our first time doing this,” Juan Torres Jr. said. “We will see how it goes.”

As they kept serving orders of taquitos to those who paid for the right to try them out from each and every stand, others kept doing the same.

At The Shack, an entire family tried their luck as well.

The Shack?

Jose Luis Doniaz said they came up with the name just for the competition.

‘We don’t have a business but are thinking about it,” he said. “We are all family members who love to cook using family recipes.”

Their entry was tacos de pollo, and were one of two competitors that did not cook bistek.

At the El Santuario/Flying Pig stand its chef was more creative using no grease and preparing tacos topped with chimichurri – a sauce that originated from Argentina and is served with steaks.

And it worked out.

El Santuario took first place, followed by Taco Palenque and The Shack.

El Delirio Restaurant took The People’s Choice award.

The contest, held Saturday, April 27, at Brownsville Sports Park drew several hundred people.

Among them were Frank Ponce, Emily Lopez and Ricardo and Annette Sanchez.

They all said they tried several taco stands and were glad to be there.

“Brownsville is having all kinds of events now,” Annette Sanchez said. “This is good as it gives people something to do.”