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Troubles Mounting for Rio Grande LNG

On June 21st, it was revealed in a letter published on the FERC website that Rio Grande LNG was actively and intentionally concealing information for the past several years of changed design plans described as bearing little resemblance to what was originally filed with FERC. Theses changes in designs and plans would result in an increase of LNG production and export by 22%.

These changes would mean an increase in tanker traffic, increased impact on fishing boats, more ballast water release, more air pollution, etc. Senior management had been instructed to not make plans public in any form or fashion because FERC would require the company to submit a revised application. Next Decade wouldn’t be able to financially afford the delay.

Three weeks prior to this reveal, Sierra Club got wind of these changes in a presentation for investors and in an engineering, procurement, construction agreement with Bechtal. Sierra Club requested FERC do a supplement EIS. Rio Grande LNG, in continuing attempts to deceive FERC, stated Sierra Club had false information (even though it was acquired through Next Decade documents).

Is this really the type of company we want in our backyard? Making visits to our schools? Sponsoring events? Rio Grande LNG has shown what kind of neighbor they will be, a company deceiving and lying to regulatory agencies, a company who is trying to do as little mitigation as possible, and a company who deceives their investors. Rio Grande Lies N Greed.

– Patrick Anderson, Los Fresnos