Construction of New Los Fresnos City Hall Continues

The new city hall in Los Fresnos under construction off Highway 100. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The new city hall in Los Fresnos looks impressive even though it’s still under construction.

Once built, the $3.4 million building will complement the Fire Station/Emergency Medical Services constructed last year at a price tag of more than $1.4 million,

The amount of money invested is pretty sizable but Los Fresnos is among the fastest growing cities in the Rio Grande Valley and its local government and other entities serve a large area.

Take for example, a study prepared for the Community Development Corp., a pro-business organization that has given several million dollars for economic growth.

The city has a population estimated today at nearly 8,000 people but its market area has close to 40,000 residents.

The medium annual household income stands at about $50,000, while the medium age of the population is a little more than 28 years of age.

And its school district, considered as one of the best in the entire RGV, has close to 11,000 students.

In the meantime, construction of the new city hall continues although a completion date and opening of the facility might take a little longer than anticipated due to the weather, city officials said.

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