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Los Fresnos Resident Helps With Building of New City Hall

Javier Espinoza stands by the new city hall he is helping build in Los Fresnos. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A 20 years old Los Fresnos resident is using his education in construction of the new city hall.

Javier Espinoza, who graduated from high school in 2017, is doing an internship with D. Wilson Construction while pursuing a degree in science construction at Texas A&M University.

D. Wilson is the company building the new city hall off Texas Highway 100 on the east side of the city.

Espinoza said part of his duties are to make sure everything is alright with the framing of the building doors, windows and to coordinate other jobs with his supervisors.

He said he loves his job, particularly since he is involved in something that will benefit the city and those who use its services.

“It feels good,” he said while on a lunch break last week. “I am only five minutes from work and I love it.”

Espinoza said people often ask him about the building that is under construction off the highway.

“They really want to know what it is,” he said. “I tell them it’s the new city hall.”

Espinoza is in his third year at Texas A&M where he is going after a major in construction science and a double minor in business leadership and design in construction professions.

He has previously worked with two other construction companies as he attends the university.

Asked what plans he has afterwards, he said, “I would like to come back to work in the Valley.”

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