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Los Fresnos News & La Feria News Offered for Sale

Mary Beth and Don Wright, owners LFN, LLC Photo: LFN Archive

The Los Fresnos News has been published in Los Fresnos, Texas since January 5, 2005.

Throughout that 14-year history, Don and Mary Beth Wright have been the Publisher, Editor and owners.

Don and Mary Beth have been dedicated to providing the readers with the good and positive news of the community and keeping them up to date on the workings of the city and school. The couple also participated on many boards and event committees during their years in Los Fresnos. They loved riding in the parades, participating in the PRCA Rodeos and countless coloring contests.

“We have relocated to the Hill Country with new ventures and after several medical issues and not to mention, I’m almost 80 years old: we have decided that the responsibilities of the newspaper are too much for us,” commented Mr. Wright.

He continued that the family has decided to put the La Feria paper and its sister paper, The Los Fresnos News on the market and that it would be more advantageous for all concerned if a local person considered owning the papers rather than an outside entity.

The papers and websites have been valued by several outside sources to establish a market value and the current owners choose to sell to someone local at below market value and provide owner financing. The papers could be purchased separately or as a package.

A huge thank you goes out to the Los Fresnos city and school administrators and the citizens for supporting our venture throughout the years.

Interested parties should contact Don Wright within the next few weeks at 956-330-6838.

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