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Sun Bae Taekwondo Academy at the 17th Annual A.M.T.A. International Taekwondo Championship

Picture left to right, back line, Charles Frayser, Leonel Arevalo and Miguel Nieto, Second line: Mila Gonzalez, Camila Hernandez, Amelia Gonzalez, Jose D. Garcia Jr. and Israel Delgado. With Coach Agmed Gonzalez and assistant coach Mahali Gonzalez.

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On Saturday, September 14th, 8 Students from Sun Bae Taekwondo Academy competed on the 17th Annual A.M.T.A (American Mexican Taekwondo Association) International Taekwondo Championship, at the convention Center at South Padre Island bringing home 3 First Places, 2 Second Places and 2 Third Places in Sparring and 3 First places, 4 second places and 1 Third place in Poomse (Forms). The Academy was honored to be recognized as one of the Tops schools at the event with a Trophy.

Sun Bae Taekwondo Academy is pleased to announce that Head coach and assistant coach are certify by Master Ednalicia Sanhad from Family Impact Martial-Arts in Give students with physical and mental disabilities a quality Martial-Arts experience. Family Impact Martial-Arts works with students with disabilities in order to introduce them to Taekwondo and improve their fitness, motor skills, and self-confidence.

Assistant coach Mahali Gonzalez, Head coach Agmed Gonzalez, Master Ednalicia Sanhad and Master Abraham Vega.

Also, privileged to announce Sun Bae Taekwondo Academy Partnership with Special Kicks, a privately funded non-profit organization focused on providing individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities financial assistance towards participation in Taekwondo classes and competitions.

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