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Valley Baptist Medical Center Honors Its Veterans

VBMC veterans and employees during a flag raising ceremony held on Veterans Day. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Veterans working at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville were honored during flag raising ceremony held a week ago Monday.

The Veterans Day event took place outside the hospital and it’s an annual thing held to salute those who served in any of the five branches of the United States military.

The brief but significant ceremony was attended by about 40 people, including several veterans employed by the hospital.

Among them was Ron Berger, a former U.S. Coast Guard officer who spent two decades serving in Puerto Rico, overseas and, most recently, on South Padre Island.

He said he was honored to serve his country adding Veterans Day is an occasion to recognize all veterans.

Asked how he felt about being thanked for his service, he said it was cool thing to do.

“I just retired on June 1,” Berger said, “so this is my first year as a retired veteran.”

Berger now works in the hospital engineering department.

The ceremony is led by the hospital pastoral services.

Chaplain Paul Luna said he has been presiding at the event for the last 10 years.

“We do reach out to veterans,” he said. “We hear their stories and are here to offer our gratitude for their service.”

Manny Chacon, a hospital employee, said every year they honor the veterans who work there and those all over the state and the country.