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Students Thank Trustees for Service, Dedication

by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

Los Fresnos CISD students representing all 14 schools took the microphone to thank trustees for their service at the monthly regular meeting Jan. 13.

Los Fresnos CISD is one of 1,025 school districts in Texas to celebrate January as School Board Recognition Month.

They followed the theme of this year’s School Board Recognition Month, “Launching the Next Generation.” Two students each read excerpts of The Launch Cycle: A Design Thinking Framework for K-12 to each of the seven trustees.

The students who participated were:

  • Step 1 – Look, Listen and Learn: Armando Garza, Los Fresnos Elementary and Kaitlin Elizondo, Resaca Middle School
  • Step 2 – Ask Tons of Questions: Arianna Alexa Hernandez and Priscilla Centeno, Rancho Verde Elementary
  • Step 3 – Understand the Process or Problem: Brandon Pecina, Villareal Elementary and Sylvia Burlingame, Olmito Elementary School
  • Step 4 – Navigate Ideas: Brisaeda Guerrero, Liberty Memorial Middle School and Gabriella Hernandez, Palmer-Laakso Elementary
  • Step 5 – Create a Prototype: Noah Gomez, Lopez-Riggins Elementary and Avani Bejarano, Dora Romero Elementary
  • Step 6 –Highlight and Fix:  Jennifer Laznofsky, Los Fresnos United and Paola Solis, Los Cuates Middle School
  • Step 7 – Launch to an Audience: Manuel Bocanegra, Los Fresnos High School and Leonel Perez, Las Yescas Elementary

The 14 students did the entire presentation without the help of staff or administrators.

The seven trustees and their years of service include:

  • Board president Leonel Garza, trustee since 2005
  • Board vice-president Sandra Garcia, trustee since 2009
  • Board secretary Ruben Treviño, trustee since 2010
  • Board assistant secretary Martin Castillo, trustee since 2007
  • Trustee Jesus Amaya, who has served since 2004
  • Trustee Rey Farias, who has served since 2004
  • Trustee Leticia Quintero, who has served since 2018

Serving as a link between the community and classroom, school board members are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools. The board is responsible for the district’s budget, students and employees.

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