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Los Fresnos Nature Park an ecotourism jewel

The butterfly garden under construction at the Los Fresnos Nature Park. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


Anyone not taking a look at the Los Fresnos Nature Park should think twice.
The outdoors facility, off North Arroyo Boulevard also known as FM 1847, is having quite a few changes done since it opened to the public several years ago.

In addition to its walking trail and children’s playground, the park now has a bird viewing area equipped with blinds and an amphitheater.
The latest addition is a butterfly garden and a wildlife pond that are under construction.

Desi Martinez, a liaison with the Los Fresnos Community Development Corp., gave an update of the park during the EDC’s Monday, Oct. 5, meeting.
He said some things are about to be completed, while others are right behind.

“Close to ninety-nine percent of the birding area has been completed,” he told the board. “The butterfly garden is moving along.”

Because of its location, which borders a resaca on the south side and another across from Arroyo Boulevard, the park is in an ideal place for native and migratory birds and butterflies.

A wildlife pond being built at the park. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN

Several species of egrets, mockingbirds, great kiskadees, green jays, kingbirds and even kingfishers are commonly seen in and around the park.
Martinez said he has been reaching out to the community about what Los Fresnos has today via social media and person-to-person contacts.

“I can’t stress enough the point about what we have,” he said. “The new ecotourism venue Los Fresnos is going to have will be outstanding.”

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