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Red Ribbon Week

LFCISD offices along Texas Highway 100. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


Anyone noticing that students from Los Fresnos school district are wearing strange outfits this week it’s because they are participating in an event held each year.

It’s called Red Ribbon Week and it generally takes place from Oct. 23-31.
The campaign is the largest drug-abuse prevention campaign in the nation, which has been going since 1985.

Although quite a few things have changed since then, the program’s mission of promoting a healthy and drug-free student population has not.

Dr. Gonzalo Salazar, the district’s superintendent, said students – whether at home or on campus – are encouraged to wear something different this week.

That could be pajamas, crazy hats or funny-looking shades.

“Red Ribbon Week stresses the importance of staying healthy,” he said, “and, above all, staying drug-free.”

Because of the pandemic going on here and all over the country, about one-third of the student population is attending classes right now, while the other two-thirds are staying home.

Salazar said he understands that parents are nervous, but pointed out that students learn better in a classroom setting.