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Henderson Road project gets closer to completion

This is how one of the new resaca crossings on Henderson Road looks today as it gets near completion. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


Has anyone been checking out how the Henderson Road project is coming along?

If not, people should take a look to find out how this $2.2 million project is shaping up after nearly a year in the making.

The two narrow resaca crossings that have been a source of discontent among residents living along the road that has one of the city’s best scenic pictures, is now looking totally different.

Retaining walls made up of concrete and other building materials have been either built or are about to be completed.

The crossing will be wide enough for two vehicles to go through and will have walkways for pedestrians once it’s finished.

The Los Fresnos City Council approved last year a $2.2 million package to improve the road crossings which were barely wide enough for one vehicle to get through, let alone two.

Pederson Construction has been in charge of the construction side of the project and the engineering side of it is under Ambitech.

The work began about a month ago on the east side of the road and will move to the west side once Phase I is finished, Vicente Mendez, a project manager with Ambitech said.

City Manager Mark Milum, who has been updating the council during his reports as head of the municipal government, said the project is going well.

“I have pretty good news,” he told the council at its Dec. 8 meeting. “We are getting close to the end of this project.”

Millum said the east side of the crossing will be closed to thru traffic for about two weeks to allow a crew to work there and that the neighbors there will be notified about the closure.

“I am looking forward to seeing how this is going to turn out,” he said. “The crossings are being raised and this will be good during heavy rains.”

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