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New antenna at city hall

by Tony Vindell
The antenna on top of Los Fresnos City Hall is not there for watching one’s favorite channels on a television set.
It’s actually there to get the local weather – something which many cities do on a daily basis.
But thanks to Councilman Tom Jones that has changed as anyone can now find the latest weather conditions and more so after this latest encounter with just above and below the freezing mark of 32 degrees.
Jones made a recommendation during a meeting last year after noticing that Los Fresnos was hardly mentioned by TV and radio forecasters even though this city of some 7,000 residents continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
Also, tens of thousands of vehicles pass through the city daily on their way to South Padre Island or toward the Port of Brownsville.
The port is home to some of the Valley’s largest employers like Amfels, for instance.
During his biweekly reports, City Manager Mark Milum has been giving updates about the weather station and other projects as well such as the city’s Nature Park, the Hike and Bike Trail and the
Henderson Road crossings.
“The weather station is up and running,” he said at the last city council meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 9.
Anyone interested in finding about the current weather conditions in Los Fresnos can now do so by
downloading an application that is free of charge but registration is required.
After logging in, they can go to Davis Weather Link. Once there, click on Los Fresnos City Hall and voila!
Weather conditions such as temperatures, rainfall, wind directions and so on are given on a daily basis
for Los Fresnos.

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