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New Whataburger Just-a-Around the Corner

Photo of what the Whataburger is planning to look like. (They will be having a two-lane drive-through)

Emilio Flores

Los Fresnos News

With plans to be opening sometime in September, many people are eager to have a Whataburger in Los Fresnos. 

The mayor of Los Fresnos, Alejandro “Alex” Flores, says that this is something he promised to bring to Los Fresnos since he was elected, back in November of 2020.

Mayor Flores made fixing the city’s drainage system and bringing more businesses to town his top priorities when running for mayor back in 2020.

Flores shares that he himself worked at a Whataburger for a total of five-years.

“My last role was a manager.  So I knew all the contacts.  I was able to get them to visit us.  They did a study on traffic, population, and location and determined the current site was the best fit for them.”

“I am glad I was able to bring this much-needed option to Los Fresnos.  As a banker, I have always been about acquisitions.  Bringing in new employment companies is what I specialize in.” Flores says.

The Whataburger will have 2 drive-through lanes and will be roughly 4,000 square feet. So it’ll be a large Whataburger.” Says Mark Milum, the City Manager of Los Fresnos.

“Every business is vitally important to our community and Los Fresnos area residents support all of them.” He says that Whataburger is one of those businesses that everyone wants to have in their community and that “We are pleased that they have chosen to build a restaurant in Los Fresnos.  It will give our residents one more option to choose from when deciding where to eat.” 

He mentions that this will also really show other businesses that Los Fresnos is a thriving growing community where other businesses can choose to locate and be profitable.

The opening date of the new Whataburger seems to be sometime in September; of course, weather permitting and if all goes smoothly.