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What-a-about What-a-burger

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

Back in June Los Fresnos News shared that construction for a Whataburger would be in the works. The original opening time frame was around September, talking with the current construction company, Scott & Reid Construction, the Superintendent in charge of the project, Thomas Naylor shares that they are looking more at the end of October.

Thomas Naylor shares they are doing everything they can to push production along. Naylor says it might be sooner it just depends, but they are looking at opening the Whataburger by October 31st. No responses have been given by Whataburger management thus far, although Naylor does says they will probably need more employees and now would be the chance to see about applying.

More updates in the near future, as the information develops. Stay tuned for more.
Photo of the new Whataburger being built here in Los Fresnos, Photo taken by Victor Moreno, LFN.