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How to Be a Pet Parent on a Budget

Whether you are a first-time or veteran pet owner, being a pet parent can be expensive. From daily needs like food, treats and toys to medicines, the costs can add up.
To help stretch your budget, the experts at Dollar General are providing cost-friendly ways to provide for your pet:

Food to Fuel Your Furry Friend
Fueling your pet with nutritious food doesn’t have to break your budget. By stocking up on options available exclusively at select retailers, you can feed your furry family member affordably. For example, Nature’s Menu is available only at Dollar General and offers dog and cat food free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Their dry pet food products also include pre and probiotics to support healthy digestion, along with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Hygiene How-To
Having a pup or feline companion comes with responsibility, especially when it pertains to their cleanliness and well-being. To maintain a groomed pet, create a care tote that includes such hygiene essentials as a brush or flea comb, shampoo, nail clippers and puppy pads, which can be used as clean-up tool for both dogs and cats. Also consider using a dual-action topical treatment to help prevent fleas and ticks. Be sure to see a trusted veterinarian for annual checkups and other needs.

Paw-some Accessories
All those accessories that enhance your pet’s days and nights don’t have to be costly. Consider new water and food bowls, a collar and a bed for a good night’s rest after playful days. Next, make playtime a bit more fun with a few new toys from Dollar General’s private brand, Forever Pals, which include a variety toy pack for dogs and a feather wand for cats. With these accessories, your pet will be wagging their tail or purring with excitement all day long!

By shopping wisely for all your pet’s needs, you can provide them with quality products while stretching your budget in the process.