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LFCISD Teacher of the Year


The Los Fresnos CISD has named the Elementary and Secondary District Teacher of the Year recipients.

Ms. Claudia Rojas, a teacher at Las Yescas Elementary, was named the Elementary District Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Erika Martinez, a teacher at Los Fresnos High School, was named the Secondary District Teacher of the Year.

The winners were named at the Los Fresnos CISD Employee Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 25. They were selected from the pool of campus Teacher of the Year winners through essays submitted by campus principals to a district level committee.

Claudia Rojas, Elementary Teacher of the Year
For the past 10 years, Claudia Rojas has nurtured students and fostered growth at Las Yescas Elementary. “Her integrity, advocacy for students, and high expectations create an environment where every learner is inspired to reach their full potential,” said Lynn Martinez, Principal of Las Yescas Elementary. Rojas was chosen by her colleagues as Teacher of the Year based on her ability to touch the lives of not just her students, but theirs as well. “Claudia’s positive influence is felt throughout the school,” said Martinez. Rojas serves as an educator, mentor, and sponsor for the LYE Running Club, where she promotes a health and sportsmanship for her students.

Erika Martinez, Secondary District Teacher of the Year
The desire to help students realize their dreams of working in the medical profession led Erika Martinez to the classrooms of Los Fresnos High School. The 14-year veteran educator has spent the last eight teaching CTE and Dual Enrollment medical science courses, sharing experience and providing hands-on opportunities. “Mrs. Martinez is an ardent supporter and passionate advocate for her students,” said Justin Stumbaugh, Principal of Los Fresnos High School. When Martinez saw a need to mental health resources for students after the pandemic, she successfully launched a student-led organization called Supporting Mental and Somatic Health (SMASH) providing support and awareness. She also sponsors the HOSA career and technical student organization.

Los Fresnos CISD Education Foundation Award
This year, the Los Fresnos CISD Education Foundation presented each winner with the inaugural $500 District Teacher of the Year endowment at the banquet. The foundation joins the long-standing Leo Aguilar Foundation in serving as an additional resource for enhancing district and student initiatives. The mission of the Education Foundation is to enhance educational programs, support teacher development, and facilitate community engagement. “The Los Fresnos CISD Education Foundation strongly believes that people are what make a difference in our children’s lives and therefore as the saying goes, “What We Do Here Shapes the World”, said Adan Garcia, President of the Los Fresnos CISD Education Foundation. The foundation will also provide academic scholarship opportunities for students.

Mrs. Rojas and Mrs. Martinez will now go on to proudly represent Los Fresnos C.I.S.D. at the Region I level Teacher of the Year presentation in May.