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2024 All-Star Sectionals and District

Emilio Flores

This year’s Little League Sectionals for the 8-10 age division has been a momentous occasion for the district, bringing together teams from across the region for a series of thrilling matches. Jose Vasquez, President of the Los Fresnos Falcons Little League, expressed immense pride in the participants, stating, “I would like to recognize our 2024 All-Star teams both for softball and baseball.”

The sectionals, hosted by the district, saw young athletes from Edinburg, Laredo, Corpus Christi, and Alice competing fiercely for a chance to advance to the state championship. “Sectionals was a great success as we hosted Little League Sectionals for age 8-10 division with teams from Edinburg, Laredo, Corpus, and Alice,” Vasquez noted, highlighting the extensive planning and community support that went into making the event a success.

Coach Vasquez adds that this year they had 84 players aged 9-14 represent our district valley-wide as well as 21 volunteer coaches.

Last week it came down to two teams. Edinburg, representing the Valley vs Laredo. It was a tough battle but in the end Laredo came out on top.

In summary, Jose Vasquez, shares concerning the Los Fresnos Little League, “Every year our All-Stars players are super excited to get an opportunity to represent their city as well as being part of an elite team. We as coaches and board members look at All Stars as a recognition for their performance on and off the field, we look for disciplined players that have made a difference in their team as well as with their community. Los Fresnos Falcons Little League is all about Family, developing young boys and girls to be better in our society both in sports as well as in school.”