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I am not an expert, but simply a normal human being who until very recently felt healthy, but my body was saying otherwise. I am an oldest child of 3 who grew up with her grandparents and saw her parents occasionally when possible. Like most people, life happened and I underwent many difficulties and struggles. Just when I was starting to live life my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a few months after. This was devastating for me and I cried for years, not wanting to accept her death. A few years later, my grandfather, with whom I had grown up with, passed away. My grandmother passed away this year. I felt like I had lost all my patriarchs and somehow felt alone, despite having my husband and children.

One of my aunts committed suicide while I was young and my mom was severely agoraphobic for about 10 years, before eventually passing away to cancer. She was afraid of everything and everyone and couldn’t leave the house. Two out of my other three aunts are also confined to staying at home for the most part due to anxiety and depressive disorders which appear to run in the family. They are heavily medicated in order to manage their feelings and fears.

Growing up, I felt very healthy and couldn’t understand why as the years went by, the women in my family were going through this. I still don’t understand. What I did understand was that I was beginning to feel similar symptoms in my personal life. A few years ago I began to feel symptoms of anxiety, but I ignored them. It turned out I was under a lot of stress and was also having anxiety symptoms or “nervous” like my Dr. called it.
I had studied a career which taught me about helping people, but suddenly I felt like I couldn’t even help myself. I tried all the techniques I knew to make myself think straight, but I couldn’t. I also recently discovered that I’m postmenopausal. I am only 41 years old and I didn’t think that I could go through menopause so early in life, but I discovered that it ranges from women to women. Between menopause, losses in my family, stress, physical back pain and being forced to leave my job, I suddenly felt helpless. I felt powerless, afraid for little things, feeling like crying, not having enough sleep, afraid for the future and an overwhelming sadness. An emotional rollercoaster was happening in my body and life didn’t seem that nice anymore. I began thinking of how I could help myself. I started changing my diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and lean meats. I stopped eating so many tacos which I had eaten for about 20 years; that along with sweet bread, barbacoa, fried foods, hamburgers, pizza, weekend cookouts, and all the unhealthy things many of us eat. I stopped drinking cokes and started drinking water with lemon.

Another change I did was that I started walking and jogging. I would walk on and off once or twice a week, but nothing strenuous. Recently, I joined the community health and wellness program at the Los Fresnos Memorial Park in front of the High School. I advise all women to join, it’s free. Once I started going every day for the entire hour of workout, my outlook in life changed; my life changed. I began exercising every day from Monday through Friday. Afterwards, I walk or jog around the park, whatever my body can take. The results have been tremendous. I am more focused, energetic and my body has regulated itself. I feel as normal and optimistic as I was when I was a teenager and life problems are not stopping me anymore. I still have problems, everyone does, but I am not emotional anymore. I don’t worry about everything. I am able to find solutions to my problems.

I still struggle with getting up in the mornings sometimes, but I push myself to go exercise and I feel great. My life has changed. I don’t fear going through what my mom or aunts have gone through. I began to put my health first and now I know I can be there for my children and family for years to come. It is hard to explain what happened, but my body is not in panic mode, anxiety or depressed mode anymore. Now, I have an overall feeling of well being.

My advice to everyone is to join an exercise group. Begin a routine and stick to it, even if you get tired at times. If you are healthy and focused you’ll be able to solve any problems you encounter in your life and with your family. Don’t try to solve the problems by yourself, talk to people; get out and help yourself. When you talk to others you find out that other people have solutions that can help you. Don’t fall into a trap and stay indoors because you feel helpless, that no one understands you and that you are the only one who feels sad, anxious, depressed or helpless. If you can, join an organization, a church or a club. Come join the community health and wellness program in Los Fresnos and learn more about better nutrition too.

Reminder Free fitness classes are now offered 5 days a week at the Los Fresnos Memorial Park!

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Christine De La Rosa
Community Health Worker