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Not All Dentures Are Created Equally

Q: Right now, I feel terrible about myself because I hate my dentures.  It seems like they were made for somebody else. Are all dentures alike?


Dr. Adam Lalonde

Dr. Adam Lalonde

You’ve touched upon a common myth in the world of denture-making.  The answer is “no.”  A denture should be custom-designed for each individual.  Since every person, & therefore every mouth, is different, it is obvious that no two dentures should be alike.  A quality denture is hand-crafted, meaning that even two dentures made for the same person will not be exactly alike.  When a denture is processed, the custom designed mold for the specific patient is broken in order to remove the new denture & the finishing work is done by hand. Thus, it is impossible to create exactly the same denture more than once.  There is also a difference in techniques of denture construction & quality of materials available today.  You should discuss this with your dentist as these variables can affect the quality & cost of the finished product.  Our practice is a full service dental office & provides services which include dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, & preventive dentistry. In my opinion, one of the greatest advances in dentistry since the advent of local anesthetic is the ability to place two simple implants in the lower jaw and clip an existing denture to them. Eighty percent of our patients have no post-op pain. No more loose lower dentures!


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