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Why Are Your Gums Receding?

Q: Why do my gums seem to be receding?

Dr. Eric Valle

Dr. Eric Valle


Many people brush too hard or use too hard of a toothbrush, yet a “soft” toothbrush actually cleans best. Vigorous brushing is not necessary, in fact, it can be harmful. After years of hard brushing, erosion of the enamel and gums can result. This can cause teeth to become stained more easily. Their appearance, in general, takes on a yellow or darkened look. Also, the gums can become prone to infection. So, lighten up on that toothbrush! After you have flossed thoroughly, brush gently with a soft- bristled toothbrush, and ease up on your grip of its handle. The trick is to concentrate on becoming more aware of the amount of pressure you’re exerting. Slow down and give your teeth and gums the attention they need and gentleness they deserve. Also, be sure to replace a toothbrush when it first shows signs of wear, and schedule regular visits with your dentist and dental hygienist. They will help you to monitor the health of your teeth gums. If you have any questions about brushing techniques and/or toothbrushes we’d be happy to answer them for you and we’ll even give you a complimentary toothbrush with appropriate, soft bristles.


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