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Dental Implants Versus Dentures


Q: : I wear dentures and have found it to be a daily struggle. My dentist has suggested dental implants, but I am wary.  Could dental implants really improve my situation?


Dr. Adam Lalonde

Dr. Adam Lalonde

The Academy of General Dentistry reports that implants have quickly become the treatment of choice for some patients who are dental implant candidates. Research indicates that the public is becoming more aware of the benefits of dental implants yet, a significant percentage of adults who may be implant candidates do not have implants. Extractions are performed, dentures are placed, and the patient goes home without a thought about the jawbone underneath the newly extracted teeth. Many patients are unaware that bone loss in their jaw will always follow the loss of a tooth.

Over time, bone loss can cause changes in a patient’s facial appearance, speech and diet. Before dental implants, there were no viable solutions available for people who lost all their teeth, and wanted lower denture stability. Today, it is possible to replace complete dentition with dental implants and fixed bridges that result in a long-term, stable and highly esthetic solution. Implants anchor natural-looking artificial teeth and keep bone structure intact.

Dental implants can restore normal eating and speaking abilities, increase denture retention, and enhance facial appearance. With today’s advances in implant technology, most patients can be treated with implants. Patients who were unable to enjoy the benefits of implants 10 years ago are most likely candidates for implant dentistry today. If interested, call us for a complimentary implant consultation. Now, is the time; here is the place.