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Badeaux to Continue as Director of Miss Los Fresnos Pageant


In 1993 Henry and Ethel Whipple wanted “intellect and beauty to represent this town” and initiated the first Pageant. That year the crowned winner was awarded a $500 scholarship.
In 1998, under the direction of Debra Badeaux, the Pageant took on a new and more encompassing form by creating a Scholarship Pageant Program that included various workshops and extensive rehearsals.

The Scholarship Pageant Program prepares crown holders to further their education after high school and to be the City’s Ambassadors at all kinds of social and public functions, and helps them understand the concepts of Community Awareness and Economic Development. The Pageant also provides Health and Beauty tips, Etiquette, and Stage and Public presentation. But more important, the Pageant raises their self esteem to high levels by bringing out the ‘shy girl’ so that they can be comfortable in any social or public situation.

While developing the Scholarship Pageant Program Ms. Badeaux also realized that a strong incentive had to be created in order to encourage girl students to compete for the title of Miss Los Fresnos. Accordingly, Ms. Badeaux and many volunteers, set out to solicit area businesses for funds to generate a larger scholarship award.

Over the years, Ms. Badeaux and volunteers grew the scholarship award to $2,000. During that time the Miss Los Fresnos Scholarship Pageant Program also grew to include the titles of Little Miss, Miss Pre-Teen, Jr. Miss, and Miss Los Fresnos.

Ms. Badeaux believes that our LFCISD young ladies don’t want material gifts; they want money to pursue higher education.

The scholarship money is awarded only to Miss Los Fresnos upon graduation from high school and is distributed in accordance with the following schedule.

The first $1,000 is presented in the fall of the graduating year when she presents proof of payment of the first semester of college tuition. The second $1,000 is presented in the spring of the following year when she presents proof of payment of the second semester of college tuition.

The current Miss Los Fresnos is Kathleen Clark. Miss Clark won the Pageant in her sophomore year of high school. Accordingly, her reigning crown is extended until she graduates from high school.

The Pageant must continue to grow and reach yet higher levels. The Chamber of Commerce is not equipped to carry on with this important mission. The Chamber’s primary focus is seeking ways to promote our local businesses.

But, the Pageant will continue and will grow and reach yet higher levels!

The Chamber is now proud and happy to announce that the Scholarship Pageant Program will continue under the direction of the person, who back in 1998 had a vision, Ms. Debra Badeaux. For additional information kindly call Ms. Badeaux at 956-640-5164.