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Industrial Projects in Cameron County and Possible Local Impact


On Thursday, May 28, 2015, the Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce held it’s third in a series of three presentations outlining the expected economic growth that has the potential to impact the local economy in several ways. Cameron County Commissioner David Garza was the guest speaker for the general meeting. Commissioner Garza’s presentation pointed out the major industrial projects that are coming to the area and how they may impact the Los Fresnos area.

Regarding new roadway construction, SH550 will be a limited access toll route around the northern and eastern edges of Brownsville, partly replacing and expanding FM511. Its development will provide a new entry point for truck traffic to the Port of Brownsville. The toll road will connect I-69E and US 77/US 83 southeastward to FM3248. Added to its benefit of opening a new entry to truck traffic, residents will now take advantage of an easier, faster, and safer route to points of interest such as Port Isabel and South Padre Island. It will alleviate traffic congestion in the area and prepare Cameron County for its expected growth in population.

FM803 Realignment project will connect from FM803 just past Los Fresnos United south of SH100 and will end at US77/83 at Rancho Viejo Avenue, approximately 2.7 miles of new road.

San Jose Ranch Road extension project is expected to connect FM509 (Paso Real) to SH345 (Sam Houston Blvd.). Currently the contstruction that has been underway can be seen from the intersection of FM510 and Sam Houston Blvd. north of San Benito and will cut across to FM509 as it passes east of Treasure Hills.

Also discussed was the South Padre Island second access project, the CCRMA Outer Parkway Project, the ANNOVA LNG location at the Port of Brownsville and its economic benefits to the area, and also SpaceX which is expected to create 500 direct jobs over the next decade and generate $51 million in annual salaries.