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Why is What We Eat So Important?


Everything we eat has an effect on our body and it’s either good or bad. Eating healthy shouldn’t be about weight loss or a diet, it’s about a lifestyle. It’s because we want the best for ourselves. We want energy for our mind and body throughout the day and more importantly throughout our life. It’s because if we had the choice to be healthy or sick, we’d choose to be healthy.

Change Up Your Perspective
Think of your body as your vehicle for just a moment. Imagine your driving your dream car. What are you going to do with it? I imagine you’re going to drive it, and in order to drive it you have to fill it with fuel. What type of fuel would you put into your dream car? If your choice was either good or bad fuel, which would you choose?

Our bodies are so much more important than a vehicle and unlike a vehicle, we only get one. It should be our priority to fill our bodies with the best quality foods we can beginning the moment we wake up!

Healthy Breakfast Options
By: Sandra Bentancourt R.D.
Eat within an hour of waking (don’t skip meals, this will slow down metabolism)


Attend one of the FREE exercise program offered by the City of Los Fresnos at Los Fresnos Memorial Park Monday – Friday at 8:30 am, Tuesday – Friday at 7:00am, or 7 pm Tuesday – Friday.

For more information contact Christine De La Rosa, Los Fresnos Community Health Worker at 956-407-3348 or email at cdelarosa@citylf.us or Los Fresnos City Hall at 956-233-5768.