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Lap Swimming


The City of Los Fresnos is currently offering free lap swimming on both Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Los Fresnos City Pool located at 900 North Arroyo, Los Fresnos, TX 78566. Lap swimming is strictly for adults 18 and older who are participants of the City of Los Fresnos Community Health Outreach program. Individuals interested in becoming a participant in the program can register by contacting Community Health Worker Christine De La Rosa at 956-407-3348.

Benefits of Swimming
Swimming offers many health benefits. Whether your goal is to gain strength, improve your cardiovascular health, or to sustain flexibility and mobility, swimming is a great workout to consider.

Swimming is a great Low Impact workout
According to reports from the American Council on Exercise, exercising in water makes you feel about 90% lighter. If you jump or run in the water your body will not experience the same impact as it would if you were on land. This makes swimming ideal for those with arthritis, back problems, foot or leg injuries, knee conditions and for pregnant individuals.

Swimming is a great way to Burn Calories
According to the Aquatic Exercise Association it’s possible to burn between 400-500 calories per hour when swimming. The actual amount of calories you burn depends on your intensity during the workout, your size as well as the water’s temperature and depth. Faster movement while incorporating both upper and lower body in deep water will lead to a greater calorie burn.

Swimming is a great way to strengthen the body
When exercising in water you work against 12 times the resistance of air, according to an article published in American Fitness. Simple kicking and upper body movements in the water helps contribute to muscle development and a faster metabolism which leads to both a stronger and healthier body.


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Attend one of the FREE exercise classes offered by the City of Los Fresnos.

For more information contact Christine De La Rosa, Los Fresnos Community Health Worker at 956-407-3348 or email at [email protected] or Los Fresnos City Hall at 956-233-5768.