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Water Aerobics


The City of Los Fresnos offers a free Community Health Outreach Program within its community. The program offers a variety of free classes, activities, nutrition support, blood pressure screenings, BMI screenings, and follow-up care to both men and women 18 and older. The City of Los Fresnos through is Community Outreach Program is now offering Water Aerobics. Water Aerobics offers many health benefits for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether your goal is to gain strength, improve your cardiovascular health, or to sustain flexibility and mobility, Water Aerobics is a great workout to consider!


Strengthen Your Body
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend individuals do some form of strength training a minimum of twice a week. Many of us are not meeting this very important recommendation. Did you know that when exercising in water you work against 12 times the resistance of air? Simple kicking and upper body movements in the water helps contribute to muscle development and a faster metabolism which leads to both a stronger and healthier body.

Low Impact workout
According to reports from the American Council on Exercise, exercising in water makes you feel about 90% lighter. If you jump or run in the water your body will not experience the same impact as it would if you were on land. This makes water aerobics ideal for those with arthritis, back problems, foot or leg injuries and knee conditions. Individuals without limitations also benefit greatly from Water Aerobics.

Burn Calories
What kind of caloric burn can you expect when participating in a Water Aerobics class? According to the Aquatic Exercise Association it’s possible to burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour. The actual amount of calories you burn depends on your intensity during the workout, your size as well as the water’s temperature and depth. Faster movement while incorporating both upper and lower body in deep water will lead to a greater calorie burn.

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For more information contact Christine De La Rosa at 956-312-1406 or email at cdelarosa@citylf.us or Los Frensos City Hall at 956-233-5768.


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