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Brownsville Needs the Jobs Rio Grande LNG Will Bring

As someone who truly cares about our community, I’m concerned about the lack of jobs. I talk with people regularly who are challenged to find good jobs in Cameron County. My own granddaughter is moving to Florida because she cannot find work in her field. I am sure many families face the same concerns.

The solution is to welcome responsible new industry like Rio Grande LNG to our community. Many cities around the country would be glad to have this multi-billion dollar investment.

This project would bring thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of ongoing operations jobs, creating new wealth and generating thousands of indirect jobs.

Just imagine how this project-related payroll and spending will stimulate other economic growth throughout our community.

These workers, with their well-paying jobs, will boost other businesses by spending money locally on everything from groceries to new vehicles. They will open checking and savings accounts, buy or rent residential properties and go out to eat.

Bringing Rio Grande LNG to Brownsville would also attract other businesses to invest here. We need to show the world that Brownsville is open for business and supports economic growth.

I would not be supporting the proposed Rio Grande LNG project if I were not confident that it would operate safely. The liquefied natural gas industry has a strong safety record in the United States. I also know from my research that this proposed project would meet or exceed all state and federal air quality requirements.

Please join me in supporting Rio Grande LNG and the opportunities it will bring.

Rose Melendez