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Say ‘no’ to Fear Mongering, ‘Yes’ to LNG Job Opportunities for Veterans

More than 60 years ago, when I was a small boy, I recall my father and grandfather sitting at the table and talking about plans to build the Port of Brownsville. They said that some people adamantly opposed it because they feared that dredging the ship channel would cause the whole area to flood during storms. We’ve never seen the flooding they claimed would occur.

People who opposed a new airport used similar scare tactics. They said that planes would fall out of the sky and crash into our dining room tables!

I’m glad that common sense and good judgment prevailed on both of these projects, which have generated huge economic gains for our region. Many families, including my own, have benefited from well-paying jobs and improved standards of living.

Today, we’re presented with another huge economic opportunity. Bringing the liquefied natural gas business to our region would provide thousands of jobs and economic growth.

As we saw when the ship channel and airport were proposed, a small group of vocal opponents are trying to alarm the general public with unfounded scare tactics. I’ve studied the U.S. liquefied natural gas industry and have found it to have a strong record of safety and responsible environmental performance.

I also know as a Vietnam veteran that hundreds of young military veterans can’t find well-paying jobs when they return home to the Valley. If they can’t find good jobs here, they will leave the area, furthering the “brain drain” our region is experiencing.

Let’s say ‘no’ to opponents who would deny young, talented veterans good jobs and ‘yes’ to economic growth and a brighter future.
Tony Garcia