LFHS Top 10 Senior Spotlight: Julian Echevarria


Parents: Lorena Echevarria and Juan Echevarria

Siblings: Luzelena (6)

Previous schools attended; Los Fresnos Elementary, Rancho Verde Elementary, Dora Romero Elementary and Los Cuates middle school

College: Texas Southmost College and Texas A&M University Chevron Program

Major: Chemical Engineering

Inspiration for academic success: It was always expected by my parents to do my best at anything that was laid in front of me. My dad would talk about how hard it was in Cuba. Last summer, I was able to work with him in construction and many of the guys talked how important education is to achieve success. Experiencing this first-hand really showed me that academics really matters.

Study habits: After getting home I would eat and shower, then I would take a nap for about two hours. I would then work on homework and study. If I had any time left, I would watch movies until 3 a.m. i would then go back to sleep until 7 a.m.

Plans after college: I plan to seek a master’s degree.

Career plans:  I would like to work with other chemical and mechanical engineers to develop new materials and sensors to maximize energy captured by the wind. Working for a company specializing in renewable energy would be amazing. This is helpful as the world has to move into renewable energy to prevent more damage from happening to the Earth. One such company that interests me very much is Apex energy when I was visited them on an engineering field trip.

Advice to younger students to succeed academically: Prepare properly for the ACT and SAT as they really help to earning  scholarships for college. Plan to take AP or dual classes as they prepare you for college and in the process help you attain college credit.

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