Taco Eating Contest This Saturday in Los Fresnos

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Get ready to eat as many tacos as you possibly can- or perhaps possibly can’t.

A taco eating contest will be held during this Saturday’s Aug. 25 Under the Stars Artisans Market at the city’s Memorial Park on North Arroyo Boulevard.

Jose and Nelly Osegueda, owners of The Weekender Catering in Los Fresnos, will provide the food and anyone gobbling up the most tacos filled with three types of meats will go home with a plaque and a stomach filled to its rim.

Nelly Osegueda said this is the first time they hold the contest even though two years ago they had an in-house competition in which a person indulged himself by consuming 24 taquitos.

“We did it for fun:” she said. “This time is for a first place spot and a plaque.”

Osegueda said some of the tacos are cooked in a disc and that’s referred to as a discada in this part of the country.

After the meat is cooked, it goes into a corn tortilla, wrapped and ready to be devoured.

The eating contest is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.

The Artisan Market is a monthly event hosted by Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce where dozens of vendors bring their wares to sell and many items are homemade.

There is also music, foods and cool treats.

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