Boys & Girls Club Gets Annual Budget Increase

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The Los Fresnos Boys & Girls Club received a $20,000 boost to its annual budget thanks to an improvement in its operations and to the overall health of its program.

The organization has a new budget of $60,000 for its 2018-19 fiscal year after the city council recently approved the financial during its last meeting.

City Manager Mark Milum had recommended an annual budget of $80,000 but the council voted to allocate $20,000 more.

He said the BGC has provided reports and financial information as was requested.

“They have done a great job and we have enjoyed a very good working relationship this year,” Milam said in his report. “Our kids are the big winners.”

The organizations budget for 2017-18 was $40,000, $10,000 per quarter. In addition to that, the city provides electricity, trash service and minor maintenance if needed.

Milum noted the club was requesting the same budget during fiscal year 2016-17, which was $80,277.

“If you will recall it was reduced since there had been some struggles in the past with fulfilling their part but now have performed very well,” he reported. “This year has been terrific.“

Milum said the club is starting a flag football program, something which he said will be good as it doesn’t involve physical contact as football.

The board agreed to allocate $60,000 this time and will reevaluate the club’s performance next year to determine if an increase to the budget is merited.

The BGC budget proposal details some of the expenses required to run the program that benefit an average of 130 youngsters.

In wages alone, the organization spends nearly $50,000 to pay for both the program and athletic directors and youth development specialist.

Other expenditures include buying equipment, trophies and insurance.
According to a club report submitted to the city, an average of 130 members receive services such as meals during its afterschool program.

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