Henderson Road Widening Project Awaits Approval

A vehicle crosses one of two one-lane bridges on Henderson Road. Photo: Tony Videll/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A project to widen the crossings at Henderson Road has been in the works for some time and the matter is often mentioned at the end of every meeting of Los Fresnos City Council.

As motorists go on a section of the road, between FM 1847 and FM 1575, they go through two one-lane bridges as it cuts through a snake-shaped resaca.

Mark Milum, the city’s manager, brings up Henderson Road and other topics during his report.

He has said Henderson Road is going to be widened but it will take some time to start the project because of some issues needing approval by the state.

But Cheri Carroll, a retiree who uses Henderson Road on a regular basis, said she wants an answer about the proposed project.

She said just recently she encountered an oncoming vehicle on the one-lane road who stopped in front of her vehicle and refused to back down.

“The driver figured she had the time to wait,” she said. “So did I.”

Carroll said she got there first and was a little farther down the middle of the crossing than the other driver and stayed there until the other driver backed up.

On another day, Carroll said she encountered three oncoming vehicles over the crossing of which she said part of the road is falling into the water.

Contacted about the road situation, Milum said Henderson Road will be fixed as soon as it gets the final hurdles approved.

That is an environmental assessment of the project and acquiring rights of way from several landowners.

In the meantime, Carroll said people need to be educated about the crossing.

“If it’s just a one-lane crossing,” she said, “it’s one lane.”

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