New Jobs Coming Soon to Los Fresnos

Some of the scores of vehicles seen recently along Highway 100 as people applied for jobs at Comprehensive Health Services. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A portion of Texas Highway 100 from FM 803 to Walmart was recently lined up with vehicles as far as the eyes could see.

But the scene was not because of a concert or a school game was being held. Neither was it about an auction, an estate sale, or for a political rally.

The scores of vehicles seen for most of the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 31, were there because hundreds of people were applying for jobs for the Florida-based Comprehensive Health Services, or CHS.

The company is planning to hire several hundred people to work at its two centers in Los Fresnos – one off Highway 100, the other off FM 1847.

CHS took over the two centers after International Education Services closed the two facilities which CHS is now using for its business geared for the workforce’s medical services.

The amount of people parking their vehicles along the street and the lines of people seen in the parking lot area put law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services on the alert even though no incidents were reported.

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