CHS to Become City’s Largest Employer

by Tony Vindell/LFN

If everything goes as planned, a Florida- based company is to become the largest employer in Los Fresnos and its surrounding area.

Comprehensive Health Services, a company that specializes in providing health and medical services to the public and private sectors, has hired about 700 people to work at its two centers. One center is along Texas Highway 100 and the other one along FM 1843, or Paredes Line Road.

Founded in 1975, Comprehensive Health Services claims to be one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of medical management services. They partner with commercial companies, international customers, and the U.S. Government to solve the highly complex, large-scale health care challenges they face by implementing and managing cost-effective, customized medical programs for large and dispersed workforces. Their technology-driven, flexible health care solutions enable them to tailor services that will ensure employers can meet the medical needs and compliance issues of their employees.

By next year, the company projects as many as 1,300 employees in Los Fresnos.

If that is the case, CHS will have surpassed the local school district as the city’s largest employer.

The Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District currently employs about 1,200 people.

That was the projected numbers presented to the Community Development Corporation’s Board of Directors during their latest meeting.

Los Fresnos CDC board president Enrique Juarez said he attended a meeting with CHS staff and was informed about the company’s plan to expand its operations.

One idea brought up during the meeting, Juarez said, was to have a bus service between Los Fresnos and other cities like Brownsville and Harlingen.

“They said one of the biggest problems they have is with parking,” Juarez said.

“They have a lot of employees right now.”

Juarez estimates that with the addition of approximately 600 employees to the 700 already employed by CHS “will be good for the local economy.”

“Some of these people will be investing money right here in town.”

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