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LFHS Top 10 Student Spotlight: Chris Rivera

Parents: Noemi Salas and Juan Rivera

Siblings: Luis Rivera (16)

Previously: Olmito Elementary, Resaca Middle School (Grade 6) and IDEA Brownsville (Grades 7 and 8)

College: The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

Major: Entrepreneurship and International Business

Study habits: My mother always exemplified success through productive, consistent, and honorable habits. Growing up, I realized that I had to redefine what it means to “work hard” and be “disciplined” if I wanted to be wealthy. In my studies, I sought principles, not grades.
8. My study habits are simple. I read all chapters assigned, I write notes that are clear and connect with each other like webs of thought, and I draw diagrams or graphics because I am a visual learner. I remember words and phrases extremely well because I love to write. Although procrastination can offer short-term headspace, it overall teaches long-term destructive habits. Sleep is essential for effective recall of information, but sacrifices are required at times.

Plans after undergraduate studies: I plan to be the CEO of multiple companies across Texas before I complete my undergraduate degree.

Career plans: My goal is to become a self-made billionaire, public speaker, Founder of my own company that focuses on entrepreneurship and self-education.

Advice to younger student to succeed academically: I started focusing on my academics heavily in the seventh grade. I understood, at an early age, that the education that I receive in high school is not only free, but a privilege. I appreciated books and self-development more than status or material desires. I forced discipline on myself early so that no one would do the same to me later in my life, but at a higher cost. For students interested in improvement, whether academics, athletics, their career, or their deepest passions, it is imperative that they attach value to what they already have. Being resourceful, consistent, and open to new techniques will enable anyone to be ahead of the game. Visualization, confidence, and socializing with all types of people will bring true success in all fields of life.

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