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LFHS Top 10 Student Spotlight: Robert Waters

Parents: D. Bruce Waters and Karen Kutscher Waters

Siblings: Bruce K Waters (21), Morgan K. Waters (20) and Karen K. Waters (16)

Previously: Rio Hondo Elementary (PK to Grades 2), Las Yescas Elementary (3-5), St. Paul Lutheran Academy (6) and Liberty Memorial Middle School (7-8)

College: Texas A&M University

Major: Chemical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering

Inspiration for academic success: I am a natural competitor and many times my motivation to do well in academia is fueled by my drive to be the best I can be. My parents raised my siblings and me with the expectation that each of us should use our talents and each should do their best to perfect their individual gifts.

Study habits: I find myself to be a procrastinator when it comes to small projects that I know I can do quickly because during a time crunch I feel the adrenalin rush and my brain works with more clarity to get the job done. With group/large projects, I do a better job of following a timeline that gives me the opportunity to reflect on each step of the work. I am a night-owl with my study habits but swimming a few miles each morning clears the head.

Plans after undergraduate degree:  I plan to continue my education and pursue a Doctorate of Medicine. Upon completion, I will spend the next few years in residency to become a clinical pathologist.

Career plans: My dream job pre-doctorate is a product development scientist, and post-doctorate would be a clinical pathologist studying different disease across the world helping to cure the “incurable.”

Advice to younger students to succeed academically: I have enjoyed and excelled in athletics, HOSA and FFA activities throughout all four years of high school. That is a commitment of at least 30 hours each week. Therefore, I have yet to push my academia to the next level. I reached the top ten at LFHS because of my love for both mathematics and science. I was fortunate to have math and science instructors that are passionate about their subject. If I were to give advice to younger students, it would be “figure out what makes you happy, check the degree plan to know what classes will provide you a strong base and lastly, don’t do something just because an adult wants you to.”

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