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LFHS Top 10 Spotlight: Allison Spier

Parents: Lisa Spier and Mark Spier

Siblings: Lauren Spier (21) and Anna Spier (20)
Previously: San Vicente Elementary School in Big Bend National Park (Pre-K to Grade 2), Olmito Elementary (Grades 3-5), Resaca Middle School (Grades 6-8)

College: Adelphi University (N.Y.)

Major: Nursing

Inspiration for academic success: My sisters and parents inspired me to do my best in academics. Being the youngest out of the three Spier girls, I always wanted to be like my sisters. They were my role models so whatever they did, even if it was past my age, I tried my best to do as well. I saw how hard they worked in school and was determined to be successful like them. My parents have inspired me to do my best in academics by simply telling me that they’re proud of my best efforts. I was never forced to reach any standard. Every task I’ve taken up in high school, both my parents have been behind me, encouraging me to believe that nothing is impossible.

Study habits: Ever since middle school, I have competed in outside sports. This helped me to form productive study habits because of traveling the 4-6 hours to games and having limited time at home. I always like to plan what days to study and do assignments on Sundays so I know what to accomplish each day of the week. I am not one to procrastinate because it creates extra stress that I don’t need. I will stay up late at night if I have to and sacrifice whatever I need to so that I can complete what I have in front of me. Something my mom has always told me is, “Do your work to learn, not just to finish it.” That’s something that I always remember whether it’s in class or at 2 in the morning.

Plans after undergraduate degree:
My plan after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing is to specialize in Neonatology. After graduating, I will need to gain at least two years of experience in the NICU in order to apply to programs to get my MSN.

Career plans: I hope to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and work in a Level III or Level IV NICU. Although these nurseries are stressful and demanding, I believe I have a lot to offer in that environment. This job not only entails caring for the babies, but also establishing a relationship with the parents to keep them positive in one the most difficult times in their lives. It is not easy, but most definitely rewarding.

Advice to younger students to succeed academically: I’ve always been competitive and hard working so there wasn’t really a time that I started focusing harder on my academics. Going into the sixth grade, I realized what these next three years meant in relation to high school so that gave me a reason to continue to strive to do my best. The advice I would give to any underclassmen is to set goals for yourself every opportunity you get. It gives you something to pursue so you won’t ever feel like you wasted your efforts. Even small achievements help you build confidence which can ultimately help you to reach your highest aspirations.

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