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LFHS Top 10 Spotlight: Kaitlyn Mata

Parents: Javier and Laura Mata

Siblings: Alberto Mata (26) and Javier Mata (14)

 Rancho Verde Elementary, Resaca Middle School

College: Texas A&M University

Major: Psychology

Inspiration for academic success: My parents inspired me to do my best in school for as long as I can remember. In first grade, my parents would help me study for my vocabulary test. As I approach graduation, I still hear them knocking on my door to make sure I’m studying for my test the next day. I am extremely grateful for the positive influence my parents have had on my life. I can safely say that without them supporting me throughout my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Study habits: I’ve always been a well-rounded student. In fact, I am so well-rounded that my study habits consist of procrastinating, staying up late, waking up early, and doing my work in class. I make sure that I get everything done before it’s due, and I even get ahead on some assignments when I can.

Plans after undergraduate degree: After I obtain my bachelor’s degree, I will commission as an officer in the United States Air Force.
Career plans: I aspire to be a Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) for the United States Air Force. A CRO is a member of an elite rescue force especially trained to organize rescue missions for soldiers who have fallen in combat. Strategizing the most efficient way to rescue fallen airmen is only part of a CRO’s duty, as they often deploy on the mission themselves. They are highly trained in both combat tactics and survival skills that will allow them to quickly and safely rescue fallen airmen.

Advice to younger students to succeed academically: I began to focus even more on my academics in 7th grade. My advice for younger students is to enjoy high school and not stress out about their grades too much. Obviously, it is important to study and keep up with your work, but you need to give yourself time to take a breath and enjoy life. I honestly remember crying because I was going to miss a day of kinder, and now that I’m graduating in about a month, I cannot understand where the time went. So, do your best in school and have fun! 🙂

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